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BigKid Foundation

The BigKid Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of young people in London at risk of social exclusion. They are doing this through community engagement, sports mentoring and leadership activities. Find out more about the work they do here .


RCOM's working group for working with BigKid aims to:

  • Promote BigKid to Rotary Clubs in London

  • Organise mentoring, public speaking and sports activities with Rotarians and BigKids.

  • Engage in mentoring and workshops with the Big Kids

Warm Streets Initiative

The Warm Streets Initiative was organised in partnership with St Andrews Church of Fulham Fields to provide clothing for homeless people.


RCOM has donated multiple times to St Andrews Church to be distributed to the homeless through their various programmes.

Lovatt Foundation

The Lovatt Foundation is a charitable, worldwide collective that was founded in May 2015. It serves as an umbrella for high value, grass-root level, long-term projects in the red zone of Northern Nigeria. Here, it is primarily involved with setting up orphanages for displaced children.


RCOM organised a fundraiser for the Lovatt Foundation and raised over £1000 which was able to sustain an orphanage of 30 children and staff for two months.​

Sankara Eye Foundation

Sankara Eye Foundation offers life-changing eye treatments in the state of the art hospitals it builds and runs across India. The services range from cataract removal surgeries to early cancer treatments for babies.


The treatments are totally free for around 80% of the patients, identified via multiple screening programmes, including Eye Camps run by Sankara and its volunteers in the poor and rural areas of India.

We have supported Sankara by engaging in fundraising activities for them. Our club organised a fundraising event in March, 2017 that raised over £1500 for cataract surgeries in India.​

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