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Becoming a Mayfair Rotarian is as much about supporting the causes of our Club and wider Rotary as it is about getting along with our members socially.   It is about contributing something special to society, as well as adding another dimension to your life.


Benefits of Rotary Membership

1.    Networking: Rotary allows club members to meet periodically and enlarge their circle of business and professional acquaintances.  As members of the oldest service club in the world, Rotarians represent a cross-section of their community - people who make decisions and influence policy.  Members have access to and can visit any club worldwide.

2.    Service: Club members have many opportunities for humanitarian service, both locally and internationally. Service programs address concerns such as health care, hunger, poverty, illiteracy, and the environment. Rotarians regularly experience the fulfilment that comes from giving back to the community.

3.    Friendship: Rotary was founded on fellowship as a cornerstone.  Rotarians enjoy camaraderie with like-minded professionals, and club projects provide opportunities to develop enduring friendships. Club members who travel have friendly contacts in almost every city of the world.

How to join

We ask all those who would like to join our club to participate in our meetings at least three times to meet our club members and learn about Rotary before applying for membership.

After visiting our club several times, you are eligible for membership with the support of two existing members as sponsors. Your membership application is reviewed by the Club’s Council and then circulated amongst the club membership for one week. If in this period there are no objections to your membership from existing members, you will be elected as a member of our club subject to payment of membership dues.


Currently, membership dues stand at £260 per annum, paid semi-annually. You will also be asked to pay a one-off joining fee of £30.


Find out more about membership by visiting our club.


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